As in the automotive sector, the marine market includes a large customer base divided according to how the vessels are used. In fact, it covers boats for transporting goods or people, private and offshore yachts with a demand for weight reduction and structural strength to maximise efficiency.

Mates, a leader in the industry for over 40 years, is focused on meeting market demands with products to cover all needs such as: vacuum bags for medium and low temperatures, epoxy, vinylester and polyester lamination resins and release films that exemplify the processes. Methacrylate structural adhesives for hull-to-deck bonding and internal structures, closed cell cores such as PVC and the innovative PET. In addition, we supply process accessories such as couplings and infusion tubes designed for the production of advanced composites. The experience gained over time allows us to handle a wide range of products recommended for the nautical sector and able to guarantee maximum processing efficiency at low costs.




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