Film distaccanti

Release films

Wide range of films made with pre-treated materials and therefore suitable for resin detachment, specific for processing at low, medium or high temperatures. To be used as a release agent between the mold and the first layer, on not too complex molds due to their poor drapability, and as a separating film between the peelply fabric and the aerating felt to have a comfortable detachment of the latter (we recommend P3 perforated films) in vacuum laminations and between peelply and air propagation media (we recommend P1 drilling) in infusion lamination. Also excellent in the production of slabs and flat laminates in sandwich. Maximum convenience when used between laminate and counter-mold – only non-perforated items – to avoid permanent bonding of the two parts.

  • Suitable for any temperature
  • Different roll heights
  • Specify intended use
  • Reusable (PTFE)
  • Reduction of production times