Peelply fabrics

This type of nylon fiber-based fabric is able to eliminate excess resin from the laminate, thus improving its mechanical values, as well as prepare the internal surface of the product making it ready to be re-layered or glued, avoiding the preparatory phase of sanding. It also contributes to the dispersion and absorption of air micro-bubbles that often form between the fibers during the lamination phase, as well as ensuring perfect detachment after hardening. All peelply fabrics are carefully selected by our technical staff, and carefully tested from a technical but also a practical point of view (direct production of components in-house or tests at some of our customers) before being marketed. We strongly recommend the use of peelply in all main processes, even in manual lamination.

  • Interlaminar air reduction
  • Different weights
  • High degree of finish
  • Also available in ribbons