Pultrusion is a popular technique used in large-scale composite production of constant-section components such as tubes, bars, profiles, sheets. It is distinguished by the reduced cost of the entire production process and the guaranteed reproducibility in the manufactured part. This process mainly involves roller transport of reinforcement fibres through several processing steps until the finished product is obtained. The fibres (glass or carbon) are run through an impregnation and squeezing tank where they are impregnated with thermosetting resins. The process then involves channelling the material into a steel mould, which will be placed in an oven where the different temperatures to which it will be subjected will cause the resin to react. On leaving the oven, the resin is hardened and the profile is then ready to be precisely cut and finished. Impregnation can also be performed directly inside the matrix ensuring a higher material strength index and a higher solidification rate.




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